2009 brought with it many new challenges. As with most things, as the years go by they get bigger, and that is just what the field did, but not all of our boys. In years past, we always dominated the competition with our abilities, and size was not such a big deal. Teenagers grow at such different rates that we had boys that were twice the size of some of the others. Our team was relatively small by comparison to a lot of the other teams.
We started the season on a hard note, we lost our first game of a tournament and didn't even make it to Championship day.
We would soon put that behind us and with the help from some of our Nevada Wildcat friends, we would win a tournament in early April. Who knew that it would be the only one for the year? Nevertheless, our boys kept on going.
We took a night off to watch the U of U play against San Diego Aztecs. The starting pitcher for SDSU, Steven Strasburg, was the #1 pick in the draft in 2009. Sam thought it was important for the boys to see how dominating he was and make them think what they need to do to get to the next level.
We had a pretty up and down season as a whole. Physical and mental toughness was tested. We didn't always come out on top. We played in many tournaments, including a fun, but disappointing trip to Las Vegas.
Our final tournament of the year was in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We brought along some extra boys to help with the pitching rotation, but even that didn't help us much. We had been through a long, hard season that everyone was ready to put behind us. We struggled to keep any momentum going in the right direction and couldn't keep up with the GIGANTIC teams.
There still is the tubing the river that was tons of fun. And the fishing, dinners together, movies, mini golf. Who could forget how hot it was, with way too many people sharing small spaces?
As the season turned out, we had a 36-17 record (68% winning percentage) with only 1 Championship.

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