2006...Steamboat Springs

Our season got off to an ominous start. We had 1 of our players leave the team and then just days before our first tournament of the year, another got a broken arm. We had to pick up 2 kids to fill their spots, but only for that tournament. I guess our start wasn't so bad, we did beat the Tuff Country Predators to win the March Madness tournament. This would be the first year that we didn't play city league, instead we played in a weekday and a Saturday superleague. Boy did we play a lot of games.
Being short of players we added 2 new player in April and in May. This gave us 11 boys, and that was a good thing since arm #2 was broken (by the same boy). We went on to win the Memorial Day tournament against, you guessed it, the Idaho Falls Mariners.
Next up for us was the Triple Crown qualifier in Herriman. We had to take first or second place in order to get an invitation to the Triple Crown World Series in Steamboat. We made it to the championship game, but lost to the Bangers. Still we knew we were on our way to Steamboat Springs. Our last local tournament before Steamboat, was the Heber Valley Firecracker. After a long rain delay, we took 2nd place.

Off we went to Steamboat Springs, with nothing but stars in our eyes. As it would turn out, we ended up with the #1 seed after pool play. We shocked a whole lot of teams, that this tiny little team from Utah could play some serious ball. It isn't the size of the player that matters, it is the size of his heart. Our boys showed a lot of heart during this tournament, but in the end came out in 9th place. It was a successful trip for baseball, but a great trip for fun with the team family. We tubed the river, jumped off rocks and had hours of fun at the pool and in Sam's huge hotel townhouse/room. I think the boys will always remember this trip, not just for the baseball. And how can anyone forget "the bucket o chicken." Oh yeah, I forgot to mention we ended the season ranked #1 in the nation.

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